Forex Rising or is it PiptronicX

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I just publish a post about forex rising. I drafted it over the weekend and though of publishing later this week. But a Dr had somehow contacted me with regards to Forex Rising as he is following closely my live account especially on my FXDD account.

The Dr pointed and though me something new… :)

He though me that on any MT4 statement published, if you hover your mouse or cursor on the order number, you are able to extract the comments posted on each specific trade. That’s really neat… I did not know that.

And this is what he pointed out to me..

Go to forex rising page and then check out the result shown on it’s forward result with InstaForex ( Hover around the order number and you will get a pop-up saying PiptronicX.

Unfortunately my printscreen can not capture this event of the cursor popup. So I can not document this. Maybe this will show something.

So I was trying to find what this PiptronicX is all about. And it seems that piptronic release a new version Piptronic 2.0 version (can’t wait to demo test this out again) So again, I manage to get my hands on the updated version and was surprise to see that in the latest release Piptronic included Piptronic 1.0, 2.0 and PiptronicX.

Dum de dum… decompiled it and compare… And what do you know??

Similar huh? De Je Vu no?

As as usual I try to dig a bit further…

Forex Rising is supposedly own by Tom Glencross (presume to be from the USA) and Piptronic is owned by Jon Kopitar from Slovakia. *I extracted these from their About Me page*

So before I jump the guns on the conclusion. I had to do a whois check…

So it seems that it is coming from the same DNS… both these guys are probably using the same webhosting company. That is all that this whois can tell me. The rest I have to just throw my assumptions to conclude.

Same webhosting, coincidences? Well, my assumption is no. So I believe it is from the same person.

The codes itself shows that the Forex Rising and PiptronicX are the same, except for naming variables are different. Naming the variables differently is obviously a way to say one reversed the other.

From the whois, Piptronic came first. Forex Rising came two months after that. So forex rising could be a ripoff of Piptronic.

But then again, PiptronicX did not come out until recently when they issued Piptronic 2.0. Hmmm…. Ok.. am not going to go crazy about who is who and what is what… If Jon Kopitar thinks this is a serious copywrite breach…. then let me do what must be done.

If they are the same person.. then good way to branch off a new brand. But under two different name?? Makes no marketing sense…

Anyway… whatever it is… Forex Rising is doing well on my FXDD. If forex rising is indeed piptronic and the owner are the same, then Piptronic 2.0 should also be interesting. I manage to test out Piptronic 1.0 and stop it because the stop loss level was just to big for my liking. Looking at the forward and strategy test results. It seems that the stop loss level seems to be acceptable as Rising/PiptronicX.

Ahh… another EA to retest…

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