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Ok… it took some time but I have some results of comparison between these two EA.

As reported in my previous post, Reverse the Reverse and Dumb Way to Reverse . REMExpert could be an improvement to FAPTurbo after discovering that REMExpert build itself from FAPTurbo.

My live demo test started on the 16 April 2009 till to date 29 April 2009. And the summary result goes like this

REMExpert manage to pull in 253.4 pips with 36 trades taken while FAPTurbo manage to pull in 156.3pips with 27 trades taken.

Differences of 97.1pips at a trade differences of 9 trades.

Please note, in order to make as accurate as possible, I did not trade the extra currency pair which REMExpert can take.

I manage to analyze whatever the results I have and notice that only a finger full of trades seems to be similar. Some were about 5 to 10 minutes different between these two trades and profits targets differences rangers from 4 to 9 pips between these ‘similar’ trades.

Here is the statement here , but please be note that I am also running Forex Grail and also Forex Rising together with the two EA above to save time and resources on demoing Grail and Rising EA. You will note that both these EA also yield interesting results but that is not the reason for this post.

I manage to extract it out to an excel format and try to summarize it as accurate as possible. The differences between these two EA. (Click here to download the my excel file for your perusal and comparison)

From the limited data that I have gathered, I can only say that REMExpert seems to be taking the lead against FAPTurbo. Only because on the profit pips that it is pulling. Again, as mention above, I did not trade the extra currency pair which REMExpert could take.

So you could also conclude here that, REMExpert is an improvement as it could take more trades than FAPTurbo. I believe this is due to the one parameter which REMExpert does not take into account which is the currency pair spread.

FAPTurbo is limited because it fix a maximum currency pair spread which could stop it from taking certain trade.

One mistake that I made was I did not turn off the money management on REMExpert, so I had to calculate the pips REMExpert takes and not the net profit that it made.

Out of interest, I will be testing these two EA again for one more month and see if it is not a fluke result.

Interesting enough is that, trades taken on this demo account does not seem to reflect on my live account. There are a lot of discussion also on the forum with regards to demo account and live account. It seems that the trade executed on demo account does not necessarily reflect the way a live account would execute it’s trade.

Anyway… the sparring match continues….

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