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I have said this many times but I guess it does not hurt to say it again… Anything is possible with the internet.

A few days ago, a visitor to my site asked me to check out this site… http://www.buyexpertadvisor.com/.

I took a look and it had some red flags that just popped out!!. The first EA itself just made me laugh a bit was the first EA… REMExpert. I read the description and this one just flagged a big RED in front of my eyes "Trading USD/CHF, USD/CAD,EUR/CHF,GBP/CHF,EUR/GBP "

I have come across a lot of EA and what currency they trade, and the possibility of some currency trading pair matched is unbelievable… Does these currency trade pair look familiar to you?

Well, if you were an FAPTurbo user you would know. Yes,  it is the same currency pair used with one addition to this EA EUR/CHF pair.

I guess this EA author had to add an additional pair to not make it obvious…

So out of curiosity, I got my hands on a demo and decompiled it (knew it would come in handy)

It was no surprise!! I compaired it side by side with my decompiled version of FAPT36… Boom!!

One thing about dll files is that, you can’t decompile it.. I know I have tried.. :) The only thing you can do is rename it and use the variables that are important to the trade execution functions. That’s it… Other than that, you can’t reverse engineer this part… So blatant!!

Here is another look at the similarity of the codes with a few adjustments

Most of the codes and parameters are so similar!! Talk about Reverse Engineering and Rebranding!!

And this guy is trying to make a killing!! $750 a pop for 2 active license!!!!!!!

Eh John!!! You monitoring my site!!!

Maybe you should file a suit against this guy!! Gawd dang!!!

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