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I would like to apologies to those who wrote in and am still waiting for a reply from me. Over the past few days I have been ignoring my emails. It’s difficult to balance everything all at once. Life, friends, family, work and of course over the past few days the emotional roller coaster ride of the market.

Yes, like many of you out there using FAPT…. I too have been hit by recent losses. But not as bad as what these guys have written to me… I have received numerous emails request asking me for REMExpert… Maybe because I have mentioned that it could be an improvement to FAPT… Well, I will write more about that soon.

But I must say, it’s not that I do not want to response to their request. My blog is not at all popular, and emails request is pretty manageable. It’s just trying to find a balance… Hmmm…. ok… it’s not about finding a balance. Maybe it’s about licking my wounds a bit… Ok Ok… licking my wounds greatly.

Like most of you, because of some losses. One tends to start searching for answers in other areas. Most of them who read my blog are now looking for REMExpert to be their savior.

I too was looking for an avenue to run away from the losses that hit me, and had to ignore all the email requests. How do I fulfill other peoples request when even my own search for some direction or answers have not been found.

Anyway, while licking my wounds of losses. I also started to do some thinking…

Not everyday is a Sunday, even for any forex EA or forex robot. Backtesting maybe good, and some forward testing are also good, but it’s not every time that one will always receive profits from the EA. Some blame the EA, some blame the broker, and some might even blame the whole forex market. But have anyone ever wondered why not blame ourselves for the loses we or rather I too am currently in?

I read a lot of trading materials, experiences, systems and all that. One thing that comes to mind is that, trading in a market is about psychology … Robots are there to trade base on guidelines, but their results does have an effect on us psychologically .

The results are the bottom line here and the bottom line here is our money. Our money is our responsibility, whether we ourselves are trading it, getting someone to trade for us, or even getting a robot to do that for us. But whatever the results, we as humans tend to blame others for our losses BUT never ourselves. If we are trading manual we will blame the strategy and look for another new systems. And if we are trading using the robots, we are blaming the robot and we start to look for other robot.

And most of you are, how do I know that? Well, I have been receiving a lot of requests for REMExpert. And the number of request has just suddenly shot up these past few days…

Like most of you, over the past few days, I have been blaming FAPT, and other EA for the losses. I was angry and upset. I was searching for answers to this losses. Was it the robot? The settings? Did I leverage correctly? Any way of reducing future losses? Trade small, gain small… should I do this until my I come back to profits?

All these questions was running into my mind. And these thoughts are about the same thoughts as a normal trader would think off when their strategy does not go their way.

Yes, if you look at these traders results, not everyday is a Sunday for them. Some are good and some are bad. Trading Forex EA are also the same, there are days where good profits comes in and there are days when bad losses hits us.

Robots and humans are not clairvoyant or can predict what the future is in the market. They and it reacts to conditions set out by the market.

What we need to do is also react to the results the market yields whether good or bad. When it is good, we rejoice and be merry about our profits, we react by spending our profits and get ready for next weeks trading session. When it is bad, we moan and be upset about our losses, we react by picking ourselves up and get ready for next weeks trading session.

Yes… I am licking my wounds and come tomorrow will be another week and coming into a new month. This month I would have already consider defeat and will register losses for this month. But come next month things might take a turn for the better. *FINGERS CROSS*

Anyway, my point is if you have experiences losses over the past few weeks. It’s time to get yourself ready for next week/month now.

To those who are seeking other EA and turning off your FAPT or your current EA this week and next month… Don’t! I would suggest that you do what you have been doing for the past few weeks. Just make adjustments to your trading lots. REMExpert might not be the direct answer, but I guess it will help…

Most of you are just trading dangerously. Risking 20% of your trading equity is like gambling. All you need to 5 hits in a row and there you have it… you are out of the game. FAPT and all other EA are not a GET RICH QUICK TOOL….  So continue with the MANTRA that have been echoed every time by experiences traders

Risk only 2% or even up to 5% of your trading equity balance.

Nothing more…. And one more important thing… Do not leverage too high! If your leverage is 1:500 then you need trade in even smaller lots.

As of those who are seeking REMExpert. Please allow me sometime. Some of you might notice that I am trying to set some pages up. These pages are for your ‘viewing’ pleasure but some minor adjustments and precaution needs to be taken so that my previous run in with John will not happen again.

For those of you who wants to know the history… click on my tags bullshit or EA FAPTurbo and read my previous posts…

I will try to reply to all my email soon. For now my priority is getting ready for next weeks trading session. Exciting and scared, still wounded but I need to push on…

Happy trading next week…

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