Member’s Access

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After some time, I manage to set up my member access page. When you register, you will get access to my library of EAs.

I have not updated since the last time round but will try to do so as and when I have new materials to upload which would include guides, tutorials and also tools for you to profit from the forex market.


Forex Rising or is it PiptronicX

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I just publish a post about forex rising. I drafted it over the weekend and though of publishing later this week. But a Dr had somehow contacted me with regards to Forex Rising as he is following closely my live account especially on my FXDD account.

The Dr pointed and though me something new… :)

He though me that on any MT4 statement published, if you hover your mouse or cursor on the order number, you are able to extract the comments posted on each specific trade. That’s really neat… I did not know that.

And this is what he pointed out to me..

Go to forex rising page and then check out the result shown on it’s forward result with InstaForex ( Hover around the order number and you will get a pop-up saying PiptronicX.

Unfortunately my printscreen can not capture this event of the cursor popup. So I can not document this. Maybe this will show something.

So I was trying to find what this PiptronicX is all about. And it seems that piptronic release a new version Piptronic 2.0 version (can’t wait to demo test this out again) So again, I manage to get my hands on the updated version and was surprise to see that in the latest release Piptronic included Piptronic 1.0, 2.0 and PiptronicX.

Dum de dum… decompiled it and compare… And what do you know??

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Forex Rising

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Ok… back to some real searching and reporting.

As the title suggest, I have tested Forex Rising out on Demo for the last two week. And I must say I am very impress but also slightly disappointed.

Impress on it’s execution and profits, disappointed that it could not be more…. :)

Forex Rising was a buzz on some of the forums. And now I know why…

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FAPTurbo vs REMExpert

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Ok… it took some time but I have some results of comparison between these two EA.

As reported in my previous post, Reverse the Reverse and Dumb Way to Reverse . REMExpert could be an improvement to FAPTurbo after discovering that REMExpert build itself from FAPTurbo.

My live demo test started on the 16 April 2009 till to date 29 April 2009. And the summary result goes like this

REMExpert manage to pull in 253.4 pips with 36 trades taken while FAPTurbo manage to pull in 156.3pips with 27 trades taken.

Differences of 97.1pips at a trade differences of 9 trades.

Please note, in order to make as accurate as possible, I did not trade the extra currency pair which REMExpert can take.

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Apologies and My Thoughts

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I would like to apologies to those who wrote in and am still waiting for a reply from me. Over the past few days I have been ignoring my emails. It’s difficult to balance everything all at once. Life, friends, family, work and of course over the past few days the emotional roller coaster ride of the market.

Yes, like many of you out there using FAPT…. I too have been hit by recent losses. But not as bad as what these guys have written to me… I have received numerous emails request asking me for REMExpert… Maybe because I have mentioned that it could be an improvement to FAPT… Well, I will write more about that soon.

But I must say, it’s not that I do not want to response to their request. My blog is not at all popular, and emails request is pretty manageable. It’s just trying to find a balance… Hmmm…. ok… it’s not about finding a balance. Maybe it’s about licking my wounds a bit… Ok Ok… licking my wounds greatly.

Like most of you, because of some losses. One tends to start searching for answers in other areas. Most of them who read my blog are now looking for REMExpert to be their savior.

I too was looking for an avenue to run away from the losses that hit me, and had to ignore all the email requests. How do I fulfill other peoples request when even my own search for some direction or answers have not been found.

Anyway, while licking my wounds of losses. I also started to do some thinking…

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This is just another Itch

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Ok… I know I don’t want to beat a dead horse but this is just funny and I thought it would a great to share this.

Previously I wrote about the how some forex EA commercially being sold were plain bullshit. Trying to make a quick buck, even though their EA may or may not be that good.

Anyway… don’t know it was a coincidences or not, but FXDD have somehow automatically approved a manage account for me WHICH I have never applied for one. So I though what the hell it was and started my way to learning something new about this thing call manage account…

So bam!! There it was…

Initially I said to myself… this guys face was so familiar….

Then bam again…

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Reverse the Reverse

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I previously posted Dumb Way to Reverse , which was about REMExpert which was how it was a reversed engineered EA of FAPTurbo…

I like to take back the word Dumb from that title….

Well, a fellow internet friend brough to my attention that it is a really good EA. It’s expensive but good. He said that it could be even better than FAPTurbo.

I was like stunned! Better!!! Wow!!

So… he was kind enough to forward to me a copy. Decompiled and…. and… erm tested it…

I must say… I was pretty impressed.

You see, FAPTurbo does not actually take trades from GBPCHF because of the high spread but REMExpert do.. On top of that, it trades an additional pair USDCHF with good results… I manage to only test GBPCHF nad USDCHF last Thursday… It was interesting. 4 trades all wins even when the spread was high!

I still have not testing it long enough on the other common FAPTurbo pair of EURCHF, USDCAD and especially the famous pair these days EURGBP. But I have to admit… It was not a dumb reverse engineered. It was actually an improvement taking into account that they were using FAPT codes.

So to really say that it is a total improvement to FAPTurbo… I will test it out again this whole week. I want to see if the behaviour is the same. I am running both FAP36 alongside RemExpert… on EURGBP since this the most interesting and hot pair these days.

Still $750 a pop!! That’s crazy money… Even if it was an improvement… It’s either FAPT increases it’s price or RemExpert have to reduce it’s price…

Hmm… maybe John can report this to his boss and then make FAPT improve on their codes.. So you can get the best of FAPT and REMExpert in one at the price of $147?… Now that would be great isn’t?

Or one can just get it for…..

Backtest Bummer 2

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Backtesting has become a bane for me… It really makes me wonder why do I need to do backtesting. I mean backtesting is a good way to check if an EA is at all any good as they claim it to be. Most forex ea seller just don’t publish their backtesting results…

And if they do, how to you verify it? Well, you verify it by doing backtesting I suppose.

But some EA just can’t be backtested because of the dll files…. I don’t know I have been trying to find out how to backtest EA which has dll files. FAPT mentioned in their forum how one can back test it… but it seems that no one has the problem with backtesting it… But I do… it’s weird.

While browsing and searching for a way to backtest the EA with dll files, I suddenly realize that there are already so many information about certain EA on the forum and on the internet… You can practically drown on all these information. Backtesting results, forward testing results, live results… comments here comments there, settings here and settings there…

(Explain why I have been quiet for sometime now on my blog)

Anyway, then it hit me! Why the help should I reinvent the wheel?? There are already so much information on the forums, why bother wasting my time backtesting certain EA? I am not optimizing it? I just want to verify it…

Most of these forums has already verify the backtesting results and most of them are forward testing it, either live or demo. And forward testing results are far better than backtesting results as the community says…

I guess I really need to refine my way to cut short my guidelines and maybe jump straight into foward testing the most interesting EA…

So at the moment I am not going to backtest any or most of the EA because it has already been done on the forums, I am going to jump straight into forward testing. If it yield good results. I am then going to put it live… As simple as that… why make my life so difficult…

And another thing is really great about browsing through forums is that not only do you get verified backtesting and forward testing results but you sometimes get some more additional information about the EA….

Interesting….. :)

Backtest Bummer

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I seem to be having trouble backtesting… Over the past few days I have been browsing forums and a lot of members seems to think that backtesting is not a good way to find out if an EA works or not.

They seem to say and a lot of other places seems to echo this sentiments. ‘EA are being programmed and back tested to "curve fit" to work with historical market data’

But isn’t that how a strategy is suppose to be tested to know if their guidelines and parameters work?

How else will you be able to test out your strategy?

The debate and goes back and forth does not help me to decide if I should continue to backtest an EA before I spend time demo testing the EA….

Or even put faith in an EA before I purchased it.

That was how I bought EA Shark and EA FAPTurbo. While EA Shark showed promised, forward testing wise did not yield me good results… Only FAPTurbo was more successful

Piptronic was aquired free, it’s backtesting was great but forward testing was a failure because of the big drawdown. Forex Rising also seems to look good but have not testing it out yet…

On top of that, most broker does not allow data download anymore via MT4. I have to download from a server and then import it into my MT4…

So what am I to do? Continue with my principle that each EA needs to be backtested before forward testing it? Now I am only human and I sometimes bend my principle to find my convenience …

With only 24 hrs a day… I need to bend it… But this is a trait that suggest that if I don’t follow my principles, it will be very difficult for me to be a successful forex trader. But why should I want to be a successful trader when I have robots that may or may not perform well for me?

Ok… that’s another post I will leave for next time. But I believe I need to review my principle to backtest an EA before demoing…

There are a few monitoring EA sites, which I can use it as a basis to justify my own curiosity to demo test it myself. So that might cut the corner of backtesting each EA that seems interesting…

Hmmmm…. that’s a thought….

Dumb Way to Reverse

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I have said this many times but I guess it does not hurt to say it again… Anything is possible with the internet.

A few days ago, a visitor to my site asked me to check out this site…

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