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Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 25-03-2009

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Yesterday was really stressful for me. I had this feeling sometime ago last year when I accidentally messed up my FXDD account. Well I posted it under ‘Dumb dumb

Anyway… this time round. I don’t think I should ignore this feeling.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me because I took a heavy loss. My account took a $85 loss and well, my Alpari account took a $60 loss. Total of $140… While it is normal for my Alpari account since I am taking on a bigger lot size vs a bigger equity. My FXDD account is different.

My FXDD account runs on a very small capital and the minimum lot is 0.1. Testing at that lot size for a very small account for is a grave mistake which I overlooked. I am running both my FAPTurbo (cracked) and Piptronic. Together the my loses came to about $85. That is what happens when one overtrade…. sighhh… even if I was trading with a robot. I really really need to money manage… By the way, I don’t turn on Money Management on the settings… :) I like to be in control.. but in this situation. My stupidity took control once again.

Anyway, I have to stop Piptronic since the stop loss is bigger than FAPTurbo. But I am still running Piptronic on a FXDD demo account just to see how it pans out. Maybe when my equity is much bigger, then maybe I’ll revisit Piptronic for my FXDD account.

On top of that, I am running Piptronic on my live Masterforex account. And results are pretty decent. So we shall see. I notice that piptronic in Masterforex does react the same way as my FXDD. About 80% of the trades are similar in timing. Maybe I should just focus Piptronic on Masterforex….

Geesss…. what a day… so stressful.

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