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Fuyoh!! Just got an email blast from my wonderful forex EA sellers… Ok… my fault. I subscribe to a lot of them just to see what is new.

Forex Expert Advisors or Forex Trading Robot is a huge market… So huge that it seems all of these guys who are building a list are actually promoting the same shit… thing…

Ok I have writen about this before and I think I want to write about it again…

There is this new site Forex MegaDroid

These forex system sellers seems to be pushing big numbers on their site…330%, 600%, blah, blah blah… They say it is a robot… So… they must be using MT4 trading platform. But they did not mention it one bit on their sales site…

If they did, I would have screw them with something like this ‘Don’t these 20 years of experiences forex traders know about MT4 and how you can actually show proof to people BY GIVING THEM AN INVESTORS PASSWORD TO VIEW YOUR LIVE/FORWARD ACCOUNT’


So no backtest, no forward test… not even testimonials!! Ok granted it is new… so no testimonial as yet… So how the Fu*( can they claim

  • Is The First Robot That Is A True MULTI-MARKET Condition Performer
  • Is Capable Of Seeing Into The Immediate Future (2-4 Hours) With Uncanny Accuracy
  • WILL At Least Quadruple Your Deposit
  • Is truly Undetectable By ANY Forex Broker

Then… I started to ready further down and found out why they have no forward test, back test or even testimonials….

This is what they are claiming

Ok… this one is going to be a killer laugh…. And this is what they are disclaiming…

They must be joking right?!?!?!

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