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I manage to get my hands on the new decompiler 220… Ok… it’s not new. MT4 now is on version 221 and some on 222. So this is what you can all an old software.

It is not that ‘old’ as one might think… It still seems to be very difficult to get hold off this software. Google it and you will need to dig very very deep in to find it.

Most of the time when I manage to find the page, it’s either the link had been taken down or download failed or the file is corrupted orrrr… someone trying to make a quick buck to sell something which I don’t know if it’s genuine.

Anyhow, having manage to get my hands on this Decompiler version 220, I am now branded as ‘Running with the Pirates’. I mean it’s not that I am not doing it already. When I set up my download page, I am already considered infringing copyright law. But in the internet, almost everyone is guilty of infringing this law, the question is to what extend.

Anyway, how I got my hands on this software was that someone on the internet was kind enough to share it with me. Since he though my site was pretty cool *blushing* (Many thanks for that) and thought that this might help me with my search or whatever I am doing with forex EAs. The only condition that he asked from him in return is that I CAN NOT share it or upload it on my site.

Did not really ask him why. I was just happy that some nice guy was willing to share this great piece of software with me. And yes… there is no virus. I scanned it before unzipping it… :)

He told me that I can only share or upload it on my site only when this software is already made fully available to the public… like Decompiler 218… I can easily download this software but I can only decompile EA that were build on MT4 218.

Any EA build on a higher MT4 version is just not possible to decompile.

So out of this brotherhood bond, I agreed with him. He does visit my site. So I would like to make a shout out….

Thank you very much, Jovin!!! Don’t worry… you won’t find the file uploaded here. Do let me know when I can share it with my visitors here. Cheers!!


With this new software, it will give to me some great opportunity to start decompiling some files. As I mentioned before you can literally download all the EA on the internet. Some already decompiled and some are not.

What I notice was that some of the decompiled EA does not seem right… I’m slowly learning back my C++ language which is closely similar to the MQL language. So I do have some understanding about the source code I see.

This doubt has made me reluctant to share with you all on my download page.

Why upload an EA if it does not seem to operation as it should be? The source code could have been modified from it’s original and I can not verify it. So when I want to test it, I could be just wasting my time and not get the desired result and hence I might drop an EA that might potentially be very good if it was the original source code…

I came across forums where some guy downloaded some EA and was screaming that he could not get it to work and was asking the forum for help. So I don’t really want to be that guy.

Anyway… now, I would like to make a proposition or an offer to everyone. If you have an original ex4 file which you want to decompile. I will do this for you for FREE. Ok it’s not exactly free…. I can decompile it for you with no money exchange. If I can decompile it that means the EA was build with MT4 BUILD 220 and lower.

If I manage to decompile it, the thing I ask for in return is you should also forward to me the manual and to allow me to test and upload the EA on my site.

Firstly having the manual shows that you have a higher chance of having the original, which would give me the incentive to test it out. Secondly, I can upload and share clean/unmodified (by others) EA on my site so that everyone will not have a half bake EA.

Even if I want to copyright/pirate someones EA and share with people, at least I have some decency to upload quality EAs. Sort of a quality control issue… :)

So, if you think what I ask for is fair and want me to have your files decompile then just send it to me at

bestforexea (at) yahoo dot com

I’ll try to do it as soon as I can.

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