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Ok… this is another one of the most interesting EA I have come across… EA Xtreme EURGBP. If you visit their site http://fxgtc.com you will see that it performances is really really outstanding… Good backtesting… and it is selling at $499 a pop!! This is how confident there were with this EA.

There were also posting forward tests… I was caught with this but at $499…. erm…. kinda hesitant. But luck has it I found the free copy over the internet… (Oh and Piptronic too was found free on the internet, I have uploaded both these EA) Don’t know if it was wise or not, but if you go to their sales site, you will see that they are selling not only the ex4 files but they will also GIVE TO YOU the source code for this EA. At $499… maybe it is worth it, but somehow or rather other some ppl were generous enough to float it free on the internet…

Anyway this version that I got over the internet could not be backtested. It has something to do with the dll files. So, I skipped the first procedure of backtesting till 1999. (The site has already posted this backtest. I guess I have to take their word for it) And dump it into all my broker. Unfortunately, again due to the misfortune of the 3 days internet disconnection, I manage only to salvage some results. And the results was EA Xtreme only works well only with Alpari…

Alpari (UK) (Click graph below to see detail demo forward testing statement)

So what else can I say, I ran this EA LIVE!!!

Rumor has it that this Xtreme is the backbone of FAPTurbo… but…. rumors could only be rumours or could it be true… I notice Xtreme only trades around the same time as FAPTurbo. And it is said that FAPTurbo only trade on low volume hour. Coincidently, that is what XTreme does. Both FAPTurbo and Xtreme trades the EURGBP pair, FAPTurbo trades an additional 3 pair. Lastly, both these EA trades very well with Alpari UK and not any of my other brokers account… COINCIDENCES? :)

Live Account
You will be able to identify the trades for this EA as I only traded 0.01 lots on my alpari account. If it proves profitable, then I would increase the lots…

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