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Ok… I have been testing out Piptronic for the past few weeks already. Both demo and live. By my own guideline, piptronic has actually passed my first test which is to backtest this EA since 1999.

(Click on graph to view backtest statement)

As you can see, the result is pretty much linear. Interesting no? This sort of graph is the same as the one I saw before which was EA Shark. My only concern was whether the dip around 2008 was the same sort of trend you see with EA Shark, that it does not seem to weather all market conditions. I can not explain this but can only assume that the data used for this backtesting was not exactly consistent.

Anyhow, this sort of a graph would obviously test my curiosity and see how it performs on a demo account. In the span of 2 weeks including the 3 days which my internet connection was broken, I found that piptronic works well with FXDD and Masterforex.

It was pretty impressive so I took the plunge and put it live on my FXDD and Masterforex account. But at the same time I continue to demo test Piptronic on both these brokers. Just to test consistency…

Anyway… below are the my demo account standing as of 18/03/09.

Masterforex (Click on graph to view detail demo forward statement)

FXDD (Click on graph to view detail demo forward statement)

What a bummer, it is only after I tested live the 1st stop loss was triggered… :(

Live Account
There seems to be a problem with MT4Stats.com as I can’t seem to publish my latest stats on site… Anyway, if you view my states for this month, you will notice that I have made extra trades on EURGBP. To differentiate this in FXDD is hard because the minimum lots that you can take is 0.1 and my account is not big enough to handle 0.2. It would kill my account…

As for Masterforex, you can differentiate it because currently piptronic is the the only EA besides EA Firebird Driven. My cracked FAPTurbo has not been taking any trades for the past 2 weeks (don’t know why) so I decided to stop using it.

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