EA Piptronic & EA Xtreme Update

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Well, I won’t call this update. Rather an extension to my previous two posts ‘EA Piptronic ‘ and ‘EA Xtreme EURGBP ‘.

I manage to find my report on my old demo account. I have not really shown or share the reason behind why I stop demo-ing EA on a broker account. Fore instances, I only continue testing EA Piptronic on FXDD and Masterforex and stopped on Alpari and continue testing EA Xtreme on Alpari and stop testing on FXDD and Masterforex.

Well, this is the reason why. Just before my internet connection screwed up on me this was the results…

EA Piptronic on Alpari (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on FXDD (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on Masterforex (Click graph/picture to see statement)

So… I still believe not all broker are created equal. That is one of the reason why we really need to test the EA on your broker on a demo account before you put it live. And not all EA are stit. What works for one broker does not really work on another…

Be wary when you want to buy or purchase an EA. Check out what broker did they use to show not only their backtesting results but their forward testing results. If their broker used are not the same as yours then probably you might want to hold off on buying that EA. Until you are sure that it can work on your broker.

If the EA is sold under clickbank.com then probably that is a different story. You can buy it and demo test it out on your broker. If it does not perform as expected within 8 weeks then you can return the EA and request for a refund. If it does work then….

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