Don’t Mean to Be

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I have been reading my own blog or journal just to see where I am heading with my search and found that I have been pretty cynical with my blogging.

I may have acquired this cynicism when I was fooling around with HYIP. In that realm where everyone is in it for money. People there tend to suspect that each and everyone has an agenda. I believe to a certain extend it is the same of the forex trading robot industry.

System seller has always been a very big industry. They target people with bling-bling marketing, showing you how you can making that sort of money by following their system. Some are good but most of them are plain rubbish.

I guess it is the same for this forex EA industry. It is what I believe to be a new industry where more and more people like the idea of a robot trading for them. Most of the blogs I visits started in 2007 and 2008 so I would say this is fairly new.

And you can also tell by the complexity of the robot or source code that there are still room for improvement in terms of developing a much better robot one that is not crackable, perform well on the market…. hold on… what this means is there now there would be a new search for the ‘Holy Grail’ of forex ea.

Isn’t that an incentive to start being a forex ea seller? The days of selling manual forex systems is over. The new thing for the forex industry is ea.

I am sure manual traders would disagree with me. They would still believe that manual trading the market is the best way to make money from forex.

Ok, ok… I am digressing here.

What I am trying to say is that my blogs are very cynical but yet I feel like a hypocrite. I have been hinting or showing my best performing EA is actually FAPTurbo but yet I have not shared it on my download page. Not even the cracked version. I have or am advertising FAPTurbo on my right sidebar and sharing other EA but not FAPTurbo.

One of the reason is that, I am using the original version of FAPTurbo. And I am afraid that if I do share the cracked version (which is an older version) I would get my membership barred. Now I only have the older version cracked and not the new version. Crack as in you do not need the ID or license to work this EA.

It’s not hard to identify who I am and reconcile it with their customer’s database. So, what am I going to do?

How do I share this EA without getting myself barred from the membership and then not getting any update if there are going to be any.

One thing that I have not done was to run the cracked version together with my original version on Alpari. I need to know that both these version are profitable. So that I do get a backup if they do indeed found this site out and bar my membership.

I need to cover the backup is covered. I do not want to lose any profits since my original on Alpari is making me loads of money… It’s money, so I am not going to risk anything because anything can happened.

Woe is me…

Anyway, allow me to test this out for a few weeks. If I believe I have it right then…

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