Mega Joke

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Fuyoh!! Just got an email blast from my wonderful forex EA sellers… Ok… my fault. I subscribe to a lot of them just to see what is new.

Forex Expert Advisors or Forex Trading Robot is a huge market… So huge that it seems all of these guys who are building a list are actually promoting the same shit… thing…

Ok I have writen about this before and I think I want to write about it again…

There is this new site Forex MegaDroid

These forex system sellers seems to be pushing big numbers on their site…330%, 600%, blah, blah blah… They say it is a robot… So… they must be using MT4 trading platform. But they did not mention it one bit on their sales site…

If they did, I would have screw them with something like this ‘Don’t these 20 years of experiences forex traders know about MT4 and how you can actually show proof to people BY GIVING THEM AN INVESTORS PASSWORD TO VIEW YOUR LIVE/FORWARD ACCOUNT’

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What I Have…

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UPDATE : Edited for clarity purpose… Since the post ‘Finally Decompiled’ was forced to be taken down. This would be in references to ‘Finally Decompiled Revision 1’ (Which at the time of this update is till being edited also for clarity purpose

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to share this finding on my previous post ‘Finally Decompiled ‘ but I guess I should explain this first.

I did mentioned that when I decompiled FAPTurbo 36 and 37. I found that the two ingredient to make FAPTurbo work. One needs both the LICENSE copy and the ID KEY in order for this EA to work.

The author manage to hide this two sub routine or sub programs very well in the dll files so even if I manage to find the flaw within the to run even when the LICENSE expires. One would still need the ID KEY.

So what am I trying to get here?

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ex4 to mq4 Decompiler 220

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I manage to get my hands on the new decompiler 220… Ok… it’s not new. MT4 now is on version 221 and some on 222. So this is what you can all an old software.

It is not that ‘old’ as one might think… It still seems to be very difficult to get hold off this software. Google it and you will need to dig very very deep in to find it.

Most of the time when I manage to find the page, it’s either the link had been taken down or download failed or the file is corrupted orrrr… someone trying to make a quick buck to sell something which I don’t know if it’s genuine.

Anyhow, having manage to get my hands on this Decompiler version 220, I am now branded as ‘Running with the Pirates’. I mean it’s not that I am not doing it already. When I set up my download page, I am already considered infringing copyright law. But in the internet, almost everyone is guilty of infringing this law, the question is to what extend.

Anyway, how I got my hands on this software was that someone on the internet was kind enough to share it with me. Since he though my site was pretty cool *blushing* (Many thanks for that) and thought that this might help me with my search or whatever I am doing with forex EAs. The only condition that he asked from him in return is that I CAN NOT share it or upload it on my site.

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MT4Stats having Problems?

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I really like the idea of MT4Stats, but lately the ftp does not seem to want to except my uploads from my broker. All of my broker…

It was pretty cool because it really saves me time to download my statement to my hard drive, then upload it to my site and then link it to each posts everytime I want to show/share my results…

I’m still thinking of how to share with you my result more frequently without having to take too much of my time…

Any ideas??

If not, I will need to do it like DuyDuy… and only post image graph of my performances. You won’t be able to see the detail statement as frequent though…

Have to update my performances page too. Anyway, I will do that cum the end of this month when I share with you my month end results..

The Same Feeling

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Yesterday was really stressful for me. I had this feeling sometime ago last year when I accidentally messed up my FXDD account. Well I posted it under ‘Dumb dumb

Anyway… this time round. I don’t think I should ignore this feeling.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me because I took a heavy loss. My account took a $85 loss and well, my Alpari account took a $60 loss. Total of $140… While it is normal for my Alpari account since I am taking on a bigger lot size vs a bigger equity. My FXDD account is different.

My FXDD account runs on a very small capital and the minimum lot is 0.1. Testing at that lot size for a very small account for is a grave mistake which I overlooked. I am running both my FAPTurbo (cracked) and Piptronic. Together the my loses came to about $85. That is what happens when one overtrade…. sighhh… even if I was trading with a robot. I really really need to money manage… By the way, I don’t turn on Money Management on the settings… :) I like to be in control.. but in this situation. My stupidity took control once again.

Anyway, I have to stop Piptronic since the stop loss is bigger than FAPTurbo. But I am still running Piptronic on a FXDD demo account just to see how it pans out. Maybe when my equity is much bigger, then maybe I’ll revisit Piptronic for my FXDD account.

On top of that, I am running Piptronic on my live Masterforex account. And results are pretty decent. So we shall see. I notice that piptronic in Masterforex does react the same way as my FXDD. About 80% of the trades are similar in timing. Maybe I should just focus Piptronic on Masterforex….

Geesss…. what a day… so stressful.

Another Don Downer

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I caught this from the forum which again does not have any positive remark about Don Steintz’s EA… You be the judge…

He mentioned that manually monitor is pretty difficult which is what I am trying to do now. Manually drive the EA towards the direction of the daily trend.

This EA like Firebird, will only work on a nice trend period. For the past few trading days this EA has been doing very well because there seems to be a nice interesting directions for all currency pair. So, I am slowly clawing my way back to reclaim back my lost capital/equity.

But when it starts to become very choppy… I don’t know… but we shall see if I can steer this EA correctly.

Anyway… here is the link to the forum post .

Don’t Mean to Be

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I have been reading my own blog or journal just to see where I am heading with my search and found that I have been pretty cynical with my blogging.

I may have acquired this cynicism when I was fooling around with HYIP. In that realm where everyone is in it for money. People there tend to suspect that each and everyone has an agenda. I believe to a certain extend it is the same of the forex trading robot industry.

System seller has always been a very big industry. They target people with bling-bling marketing, showing you how you can making that sort of money by following their system. Some are good but most of them are plain rubbish.

I guess it is the same for this forex EA industry. It is what I believe to be a new industry where more and more people like the idea of a robot trading for them. Most of the blogs I visits started in 2007 and 2008 so I would say this is fairly new.

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EA Piptronic & EA Xtreme Update

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Well, I won’t call this update. Rather an extension to my previous two posts ‘EA Piptronic ‘ and ‘EA Xtreme EURGBP ‘.

I manage to find my report on my old demo account. I have not really shown or share the reason behind why I stop demo-ing EA on a broker account. Fore instances, I only continue testing EA Piptronic on FXDD and Masterforex and stopped on Alpari and continue testing EA Xtreme on Alpari and stop testing on FXDD and Masterforex.

Well, this is the reason why. Just before my internet connection screwed up on me this was the results…

EA Piptronic on Alpari (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on FXDD (Click graph/picture to see statement)

EA Xtreme on Masterforex (Click graph/picture to see statement)

So… I still believe not all broker are created equal. That is one of the reason why we really need to test the EA on your broker on a demo account before you put it live. And not all EA are stit. What works for one broker does not really work on another…

Be wary when you want to buy or purchase an EA. Check out what broker did they use to show not only their backtesting results but their forward testing results. If their broker used are not the same as yours then probably you might want to hold off on buying that EA. Until you are sure that it can work on your broker.

If the EA is sold under then probably that is a different story. You can buy it and demo test it out on your broker. If it does not perform as expected within 8 weeks then you can return the EA and request for a refund. If it does work then….


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Ok… this is another one of the most interesting EA I have come across… EA Xtreme EURGBP. If you visit their site you will see that it performances is really really outstanding… Good backtesting… and it is selling at $499 a pop!! This is how confident there were with this EA.

There were also posting forward tests… I was caught with this but at $499…. erm…. kinda hesitant. But luck has it I found the free copy over the internet… (Oh and Piptronic too was found free on the internet, I have uploaded both these EA) Don’t know if it was wise or not, but if you go to their sales site, you will see that they are selling not only the ex4 files but they will also GIVE TO YOU the source code for this EA. At $499… maybe it is worth it, but somehow or rather other some ppl were generous enough to float it free on the internet…

Anyway this version that I got over the internet could not be backtested. It has something to do with the dll files. So, I skipped the first procedure of backtesting till 1999. (The site has already posted this backtest. I guess I have to take their word for it) And dump it into all my broker. Unfortunately, again due to the misfortune of the 3 days internet disconnection, I manage only to salvage some results. And the results was EA Xtreme only works well only with Alpari…

Alpari (UK) (Click graph below to see detail demo forward testing statement)

So what else can I say, I ran this EA LIVE!!!

Rumor has it that this Xtreme is the backbone of FAPTurbo… but…. rumors could only be rumours or could it be true… I notice Xtreme only trades around the same time as FAPTurbo. And it is said that FAPTurbo only trade on low volume hour. Coincidently, that is what XTreme does. Both FAPTurbo and Xtreme trades the EURGBP pair, FAPTurbo trades an additional 3 pair. Lastly, both these EA trades very well with Alpari UK and not any of my other brokers account… COINCIDENCES? :)

Live Account
You will be able to identify the trades for this EA as I only traded 0.01 lots on my alpari account. If it proves profitable, then I would increase the lots…

EA Piptronic

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Ok… I have been testing out Piptronic for the past few weeks already. Both demo and live. By my own guideline, piptronic has actually passed my first test which is to backtest this EA since 1999.

(Click on graph to view backtest statement)

As you can see, the result is pretty much linear. Interesting no? This sort of graph is the same as the one I saw before which was EA Shark. My only concern was whether the dip around 2008 was the same sort of trend you see with EA Shark, that it does not seem to weather all market conditions. I can not explain this but can only assume that the data used for this backtesting was not exactly consistent.

Anyhow, this sort of a graph would obviously test my curiosity and see how it performs on a demo account. In the span of 2 weeks including the 3 days which my internet connection was broken, I found that piptronic works well with FXDD and Masterforex.

It was pretty impressive so I took the plunge and put it live on my FXDD and Masterforex account. But at the same time I continue to demo test Piptronic on both these brokers. Just to test consistency…

Anyway… below are the my demo account standing as of 18/03/09.

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