Looking back at 2008

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Yes, it is a tad late but since I have already put my house or rather my plans with Forex EA in order. I thought it would be good time to look back at how I did in 2008.

I was monitoring it till June 2008 on my previous site, which I am thinking of ‘renovating’ it. But…. one thing at a time. So here is how I did so far…

2008 Forex EA Performance

Not so clear… but I have about 4 account, if you include Liteforex then it would be 5. I have hid the column with of Liteforex, because my page can’t take in another column. It will make this image smaller that it looks. Anyhow, Liteforex account has been closed. And you can see I have withdrew, $17 bucks out, which means I made a lost of 103 in that account.

So as you can see, Interbank is mostly Don Steinitz MTF Forex Robot Trader. FXDD, was plan and simple. A bunch of EA that mess my account up couple with my ‘Dumb Dumb ‘ episode. Masterforex and Liteforex was my trial macro account, where I toy around with EA live. And Alpari is solely my FAP Turbo EA.

As of end 2008, I am down 1000 bucks… shit happens and can cause u money when u do dumb things. Lesson learned…. And what a year of learning it was. Call it my tuition fee for the year 2008.

As for 2009, my target would be to recoup my 2008 losses. It’s not going to be fast, but I do hope that it would be interesting and exciting. Still a long way… but we will see…

I will start posting my month end performances probabily early of every new month to see if I am on target. Let’s wait for Feb 09 to end and I will post Jan 09 and Feb 09 together…

Happy EA trading… :)

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