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I believe I have mention before very early or rather in my first post that EA Forex might be the next big thing.

Apparently there seems to be what people are selling in now and the frequency has become so often that a lot of other affiliates are positioning themselves.

They harvest list, and then blast out every new EA on the market. They don’t give a shit if it’s good or bad. I believe they just take it as good because one things for sure, the marketing or sales copy or hyped up pre-launch strategy are so good (with videos) one would think that this EA is that good….

Anyway, this new EA system that has been filling my mailbox with pre-launch letters by almost most of the affiliates. (I have been subscribing to a few sites to check out what is new) about this new EA Forex Maestro .

I have not tried it and I don’t think I will try it for 197 bucks. If you have been in the EA market long enough you would know. You want to see proof. What sort of proof. Backtest and forward test proof before one would consider buying or testing it.

Like FAPTurbo they have provided a nice backtest result (from 2000 to 2008) which gave me the balls to get into the system.

Take a look at Forex Maestro sales copy and you find nothing but the bottom line, without clear backtesting result to show for it… Let alone forward test results.

On the other hand, this product is being hosted with Clickbank. So no worries, you are protected for 8 weeks. If it’s not profitable, then you can seek a refund.

But I ain’t going to waste my money upfront to find out if it’s profitable without clear backtest and forward testing result.

Fair enough that these sort of test can be manipulated. But hey, they want to sell it to me, then show me the results first. It is my primary prudent protection. I have my secondary protection which is refund from clickbank if all else fail to meet as what is describe in the sales copy.

Oh well… good luck Forex Maestro… I guess I will wait for clear cut positive reviews before I dive into this one unless the price does go up. Then too bad for me…. 91.25% accuracy seems interesting…

By the way, if you leave the page you can get a $10 discount… like it would make a difference. Also just want to record this, I really want to see if they really do increase their price after today to $397. Great marketing strategy though…

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