Changing My Theme

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 23-02-2009

Well, I have been busy looking for a new thme. Need to change the layout so that I can accomodate a two pages.

Downloads and Performances.

Yes, I have been getting ‘not many’ but a lot of votes to share my cracked EAs. I don’t think I will share all that I have seen or get on the internet. Just don’t want to cluster my site with useless EAs. I will only those that I think or believe would be of use to some EA users who might want to tweak with the source code.

Anyway, my second page would be my performance page. So if anyone wants to quickly see my stats, they can go to the page and check out how my live account is doing.

There are quite a few things I want to blog about today. But I guess I will have to see if I have the time to do it today.

Anyhoo… I have to continue to look for an interesting theme to suit my need for the moment.

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