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Yes, it maybe a bit late. But I guess it’s better late than never. I am all set for the rest of 2009. That is with regards to my forex escapade.

I have already improve my blog theme to accommodate both a download page and a performance page.

Looking back at 2008 and last month Jan 2009. My forex performances with EA has not been too good. But since I have been having a lot of confidences with FAPTurbo. This month has been pretty interesting in terms of depositing more capital into my broker account.

I have redeposited $450 into my FXDD account. Since FXDD does allow deposit by Paypal, it would be interesting to see it grow and then hope to have a monthly withdrawal into my Paypal account. As you can see, I am not doing to bad…

I also deposited $30 into my MasterForex account. I had some Liberty Reserve in my account, and I thought ‘Hey! Rather than letting it sit there, might as well reopen my micro account with MasterForex ‘ And with that I did. But my initial motivation was that MasterForex does allow scalping. And since FAPTurbo is all about scalping, why not try and see how it is performing. Again, so far so good…

As for my IBFX account, Don Steinitz MTF Forex Robot Trader is doing pretty shitty for me at the moment. From 2000 to 1600 in 2008. So I told myself, f%$^ it. I am going to see if Alpari can make more money for me with FAPTurbo.

With that in mind, I have withdrawn $900 from IBFX and moved it to my Alpari account. And what a surprise I got. I am not too sure what kind of promotion Alpari is giving, but they added another 10% to my deposit from IBFX. In that instances, I actually made and extra $50 bucks after deduction bank wire (in/out) fee, not bad huh.

*Update: Just visited Alpari’s site. New layout and all… Apparently they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. So that explain the 10% credit bonus… after reading the fine print, the condition is that one need to have a 100 standard lot turnover within the month of March 09 in order to enjoy or withdraw the credit bonus. I guess it would be difficult for me to achieve that with my current turnover. Geess… this is just like Casino Credit Bonus… Sighhh… Oh well, let see if they withdraw this credit by the end of March 09.

Having said that, I also just recently increased my trading lot with Alpari, from 0.02 to 0.1. So at this point in writing, it is not exactly doing to well for me. I have one floating lot which I would expect it to close very very soon at a lost. But let’s see how it will fair come the end of this month.

With all of this in place, lets see how I perform. My target is to firstly recoup my lost capital in 2008.

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