Not all Broker Are Created Equal

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When it comes to EA, not all broker are created equal.

Why do I say that, I realize that one EA may work very well on one broker while the same EA on another broker would perform very badly.

I think it has something to do with the spread or slippage from one broker to another on the same period of time.

A case to note was EA Shark and EA Griffin. While it make take a trade on FXDD but it will not take a trade on my Interbank account.

Well, this was one of the reason why I gave up on EA Shark and Griffin. Anyway… that will be another story to write about.

I believe that if you are wanting to buy an EA, see what broker that they are using their EA on to show backtesting and forward testing proof. And if you have an account with the same broker than it would not hurt to try.

But if you have a different broker, then I think you really need to think twice.

Most EA composer/author would sell you their EA and affiliate themselves with one ‘Out of the Blues’ broker and start upselling you that broker… While I am all for affiliate don’t you think you should owe it to your customer to sell them the broker which you use your EA to back test and forward test?

Sighh… some people just miss the point on trying to milk more money from your customers.

Anyway, one of the reason I really mess up my account was because of that, some EA are not meant to work on certain broker to produce the kind of profits that one is looking at on an EA.

More about messing up my broker account soon… And one of the mess up is really embarassing… hehe

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