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I guess it is about time to write about FAP Turbo EA . This EA is placed and activated on my Alpari account. And I must say, it is one of the best performing EA so far for me. I bought FAP Turbo when it launched (26 November 2008). I had two main criteria when buying an EA. One is they show a backtest since 1999 which would probabily show that it should weather any market condition. Secondly there were some forward testing result. Whether it was genuine or not, it should not matter.

On top of that, it is hosted with Clickbank. So safe to say that i have 8 weeks to test it out. Well, it has been 10 weeks already and I must say I am pretty happy with the results.

Results were very good and this would be one of he EA which I will be promoting here. :)

Here is the summary (Click here for my statement ) from the day I bought the EA 26/11/08 till today 21/01/09 about 10 weeks of trial. Had $259 when I started and at present it is about $315 (due to recent stop loss triggered). But at this moment it is a 21.6% return in 10 weeks. Not bad no??

It would have been even better if the I did not have a total stop loss triggered that took out $50bucks off me. If not it would have been over 40% return in a 10 weeks.

But that is how it is… Slowly and surely. I guess it is too early to say if it’s the best. But so far it has been the consistent.

Now a few things to note. In my previous post ‘Not all Broker Are Created Equal ‘ I stated the performances of an EA systems difers from one broker to another. And this is so true with FAP Turbo.

I did two test before they started implementing licences for one EA to one broker. (What a great way to make more money). Anyway.. before they implemented that, I manage to test it out on my other broker Interbank. And result were good but not as good as it is with Alpari. While in my Alpari account FAP made a good number of trades, Interbank account FAP made about a handful of trades, almost a ratio of about 8 to 1.

I wanted to test it out further but before I could that, they ask me to pay for an additional licences if I wanted to it on a second broker account. Will it is unlimited for demo account. Since my Interbank account is live with my other EA, I did not see that it was  a great idea to test FAP on a demo account.

Anyhoo… another thing to note I also wanted to see if it works on the same account using the same currency on different chart. Now the only way for me to do this is to use a different magic number. I believe that is what magic numbers are for. It is to ensure that you trades are easily differentiated by the EA.

Again, it does not take the same trade. If you see my results are the beginning this week, 19/01/09 you will notice EURCHF has two different lot size, 0.02 and 0.01. This is how I differentiate that the two EA on the same currency with two different magic number behaves. And in this sense it is not as consistant as I would hope for.

But……………………… having said that, it is still profitable. While I am not sure how profitable it is on other broker, I do know that it has been profitable for me.

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