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Welcome to my new site… Another site is born base on my interest.

My interest in Forex Expert Advisor (EA) started a year after I started toying with High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP). HYIP program were very much base on forex trading and it seems like these programs were getting great returns from forex trading to be able to give their investors a nice return.

While HYIP are mostly tagged as scams. Forex trading itself through forex system sellers has proved that with a good system, one could acquire a very good return. So this priciple should be the same for forex EA. If the system is good and the algorithm used are proven then trading using forex EA should also yield a good return.

While I still toy around with HYIP ( ) I believe the way to go with trading forex using Expert Advisors would not only yield me good returns but also give me more time to toy about with other things of interest…

Then the next question would be which forex EA is yielding me the best results?

This is the reason for this site. I have tested out a few EA and would like to share with everyone my thoughts and opinion base on my experiences on looking for the best Forex EA.

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